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Building Effective Teams for Scientific Innovation

    Fuqua 2020 workshop image

    Professor Jonathon Cummings of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business taught a CSQC-sponsored short course to students and postdocs on “Building Effective Teams for Scientific Innovation.” Junior researchers from all four CSQC institutions traveled to Duke to participate.

    The sessions covered (1) Introduction to Teamwork: Team Science, Composition, and Process; (2) Team Coordination Strategies: Size, Structure, Organizing for Innovation, and Research Integration; (3) Virtual Collaboration at a Distance: Multi-University Collaborations, Space and Time, Technology, and Resolving Conflict; and (4) Organizational Support for Innovation: Building a Culture of Innovation, Discovery/Development/Commercialization, Diffusion of Innovation, and Breakthrough Ideas. Selected pre-readings were taken from NatureScience and Research Policy.

    Interested in learning more about this topic? See this link to a related talk by Prof. Cummings: