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Science Communication and Outreach in the Time of Covid-19

    Screen shot of 2020 Science Communication Workshop

    Dr. Jory Weintraub of Duke’s Science & Society Initiative taught a CSQC-sponsored two-part webinar on “Science Communication and Outreach in the Time of Covid-19” to students and postdocs at all four CSQC institutions. Strategies to reach diverse, non-expert audiences in a Covid-19-safe manner were discussed, along with the importance of communicating science to the general public.

    Specific topics covered: (1) defining your message and framing it for your audience; (2) communicating it clearly and without jargon; (3) supporting it with metaphors, statistics, and storytelling; and (4) sharing it through social media and public outreach. Selected pre-readings were taken from Nature and Frontiers in Communication. Interested in learning more about this topic? See related workshops and trainings here: