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Unusual Times: Scientist 4

    Wasielewski laser lab image

    Doing research during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, especially for international students and researchers. During the difficult times, when shifts in the research labs are necessary, I must plan everything in advance to maximize my time in the lab. However, things are not always going as planned. Due to the limited supplies and resources from both the university and commercial vendors, deliveries of the desired chemicals you need for your day could be delayed for days, weeks, or even months. It is frustrating when you planned everything ahead but have to change your plan in the last minute or simply wait for the arrival of your chemicals to carry on your research. Communication is the other issue that sets thing different from the normal. You can’t discuss with your advisor immediately in person when you need suggestions like before. Instead, you need to schedule virtual meetings with your advisor in advance. Mentoring is another issue. As a postdoc researcher, I am mentoring one graduate and one undergraduate student. Things are very different during COVID. Due to the restriction on undergraduate in-lab research, a lot of students were unable to conduct research in the lab during this time. Fortunately, my university has done a terrific job to enable junior and senior undergraduate students to continue research under proper supervision. The undergraduate student I mentored was able to come into the lab according during my lab shifts and to continue his research safely. Though this is a tough time for all of us, I am deeply grateful to those who made tremendous efforts that enable us to continue research in the lab and I believe everything will be better next year!

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